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Your private Concierge for special tasks

The VIP concierge service combines the benefits of a private virtual assistant and a virtual manager. It’s a solution for individuals seeking a balance between their private life and business.

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One of the most important aspects of the VIP concierge service is its flexible approach to delegated tasks, and ensuring maximum customisation to meet the client’s needs. Your manager will optimise tasks to provide you with full support and assistance, allowing you to focus on both your business and personal life without worrying about uncompleted tasks.

Using our VIP concierge service primarily means saving time. Your private manager from The Assist will handle both personal and business matters, enabling you to dedicate the saved time to yourself and your loved ones. Additionally, access to exclusive services and amenities enhances the comfort of running your business.

An executive assistant you can trust

We understand the importance of efficient calendar management, scheduling, and organising meetings. We also recognise the challenges of creating a sensible daily schedule. That’s why we offer you experienced assistants and managers, who will help you optimise your actions, ultimately providing you with more free time.

Concentrate on essential matters that require your time, attention, and focus. With us, you’ll focus on things that cannot proceed without your involvement. You will gain the necessary space for thinking. The assist ensures excellent time management and services at the partnership level you expect.

We will handle correspondence management (both email and postal), venue reservations, appointment scheduling, administrative support, and representation in offices. We will take care of the logistics of your business, allowing you to concentrate on strategic matters and business development.

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Concierge services and their benefits

Your private assistant and manager are organised, highly efficient, flexible, dedicated, and skilled at working within strict timeframes. They are your right hand in business and a discreet friend in your personal life.

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The VIP concierge service brings numerous benefits. It includes saving your time, increased work efficiency, and completing the key tasks in your company in an easier way. It’s an investment that will undoubtedly return in the form of better results and business success, while also helping you find a balance between work and private life.

The assist team is a team of individuals specialised in their field. We offer our clients complex, high-quality services. We thoroughly understand the processes in the business environment and work with strong professional ethics. Our executive assistant is invaluable support in both business and private life. Invest in your time and choose the VIP concierge service with The assist.

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