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Rafal Ohme The assist

Rafał Ohme

The assist proves that multitasking is possible and even enjoyable - if managed properly. I haven't worked with better professionals. Thank you very much and best of luck with new clients and challenges.

Iwona Wencel

Iwona Wencel

With a multitude of projects, tasks and an active family life, one can get lost, tired and sometimes even forget something really important. Fortunately, there is The Assist. I am glad that at the most demanding period of my life I could use their professional support. Promptness of action, "external memory", taking on tasks from the category of almost impossible and delivering them, are just a few features of cooperation with The assist. I heartily recommend them.

Sebastian Kotow

Sebastian Kotow

Professionalism in every aspect. Over the past years, I have had the pleasure of implementing several projects with their support, which would not have been successful without their involvement. Thanks to their effective assistance in the recruitment process, I saved significantly in time and hired exceptional professionals who are valuable members of my team to this day. Their support has been crucial in relieving my workload during the implementation of complex projects and in managing many organizational issues. I confidently recommend cooperation - they guarantee 100% success.

Malgorzata Ohme The assist

Małgorzata Ohme

The assist is my right hand in personal and business life. Thanks to The assist, I can sleep peacefully, and during the day, I can focus on what's really important. Since I started using The assist, the quality of my life has significantly improved.

Hubert Guzera The assist

Hubert Guzera

The assist is the best assistant team one could ever dream of. Excellent support and a team that can be trusted with any task. I recommend it to everyone because thanks to The assist, you can have much more time for things that truly matter.

Era Nowych Kobiet The assist

Era Nowych Kobiet
(The Era of New Women)

Cooperating with The assist is a pure pleasure. Reliable task completion at the highest level and always on time. We can recommend it to anyone who needs to delegate some tasks. Task execution is much more efficient and effective while still fully professional.

Good Energy Art Agency The assist

Good Energy Art Agency

I recommend it for every entrepreneur appreciating their time and personal development. People who value creativity and constant growth learn to manage their time. The services of Wiktoria Pawlak and The assist offer not only professionalism and full availability but, above all, multitasking! It turns out that we gain the most precious thing - free time.

Would you like to be one of many satisfied clients? Contact us, and I will help you choose the right plan for your needs!

Who are we helping?

Anyone who feels the need for assistance in both personal and business tasks can benefit from the services of a virtual assistant. Our offer is addressed to businessmen, managers, team leaders, and members of corporate boards. With us, you can get your time back.
If you sense or already experience a disruption in the balance between work and personal life, this is a perfect time to use The Assist services. Let us help you and enjoy the time you save.

Referencje Kobieta The Assist Ikona

Human Resources Management Specialist

How did we help her?

For Barbara, a private assistant package would be ideal. This way, Barbara doesn’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment to have her car serviced, doing her shopping or putting her items for sale. This gives her a lot of free time to personally drive her children to school and prepare the house for the family’s return.

Barbara can also ask us to find children extra-curricular activities and weekend attractions. At Barbara’s request, we can also, for example, arrange a renovation crew. Thanks to us, Barbara is guaranteed peace of mind and gets time to play with her children or go to the cinema, for which we will book tickets.

Barbara decided to hire a virtual assistant. As a result, she enjoys peace of mind and gains time to have fun with her children or go to the cinema, which we can reserve tickets for.

Biznesman The Assist Ikona


How did we help Wojciech?

Wojciech, Barbara’s husband, is a conscientious and busy man. He has his company and employees on his mind. He would like to gain some more time for his family. With the help of The assist remote assistant, Wojciech fulfills his need, and we make sure the services are delivered at the highest level.

Wojciech opted for the virtual manager package because this range of services is the most useful for him. Thanks to us, he no longer has to remember to send invoices to his accountant, pay bills or prepare contracts for his employees.

Wojciech opted for a virtual manager, so he no longer needs to worry about sending invoices to the accountant, paying bills, or preparing contracts.

Referencje Mezczyzna The Assist Ikona

Actor, Presenter, and Public Figure

How does Adam benefit from our assistance?

Since Adam has a very busy schedule and maintaining privacy is a priority for him, the assistance of The assist team becomes crucial within the framework of meeting organization, travel planning, correspondence handling and social media management. After individual consultation with Julia, Adam chose the premium executive assistant package.

The assist team’s remote assistant not only helps Adam in his professional life, but also in his private life. He reminds him of important matters, handles medication prescriptions, and even represents him in offices. Thanks to us, Adam has more time for himself and is at peace with his privacy. He can focus on his personal passions and goals.

Adam chose to have a virtual VIP concierge. The Assist not only helps with personal matters but also supports him in his professional life. This way, Adam has more time for himself and feels at ease about his privacy.

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