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We save your time so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

We are an agency of virtual support. The assist is a team of experts, virtual assistants, and remote managers specialising in various fields. Thanks to the many years of experience of our team, nothing is impossible for us. We support individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, media personalities, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

How does a remote assistant work?

Place an order

You place an order by calling or sending an email to Wiktoria. It can be a one-off service or a long-term package.

Agree on details

You fix the details of cooperation with Wiktoria who introduces you to the assistant responsible for your tasks.

Use and gain

You use the service and enjoy the benefits. The assigned person carries out your tasks, giving you more time and peace of mind.


You receive a report on the completed work. The team is at your assistance even after the service is delivered.

With a virtual assistant you can buy
what is most valuable - time

We provide administrative, organisational, and business support, but above all, we make sure you are provided with what matters the most – your time. The Assist is a team of professional assistants and project managers who handle not only business-related tasks, but also take care of day-to-day matters. With us, you get your time back. Rest assured that your service will be competently and promptly executed. Find out how we can assist you.

Virtual assistant services

Rekrutacje Z Wirtualna Asystentka The Assist

Recruiting with a virtual assistant

We provide comprehensive support in carrying out the recruitment process or its individual stages. We will find the perfect employee for you.

Prywatny Asystent The Assist Ikona

Private assistant

Invest in your own private remote assistant and gain more time for yourself. Pass your responsibilities to a professional.

Wirtualny Manager The Assist Ikona

Virtual manager

Need support in organising your business? Fulfill your needs and expand your possibilities with a virtual manager.

Concierge Vip The Assist Ikona

VIP concierge

Personalised service in planning everyday tasks, handling exceptional situations, and fulfilling unique needs and wishes that at first seem impossible to be done.

Not sure which service is the best for your needs? Contact us, and we will tailor our service to meet your expectations!

Remote assistant - who and how can benefit from our services?

Anyone who feels the need for assistance in both personal and business tasks can benefit from the services of a virtual assistant. Our offer is addressed to businessmen, managers, team leaders, and members of corporate boards. With us, you can get your time back.
If you sense or already experience a disruption in the balance between work and personal life, this is a perfect time to use The Assist services. Let us help you and enjoy the time you save.

Referencje Kobieta The Assist Ikona

Human Resources Management Specialist

How did we help her?

For Barbara, a private assistant package would be ideal. This way, Barbara doesn’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment to have her car serviced, doing her shopping or putting her items for sale. This gives her a lot of free time to personally drive her children to school and prepare the house for the family’s return.

Barbara can also ask us to find children extra-curricular activities and weekend attractions. At Barbara’s request, we can also, for example, arrange a renovation crew. Thanks to us, Barbara is guaranteed peace of mind and gets time to play with her children or go to the cinema, for which we will book tickets.

Barbara decided to hire a virtual assistant. As a result, she enjoys peace of mind and gains time to have fun with her children or go to the cinema, which we can reserve tickets for.

Biznesman The Assist Ikona


How did we help Wojciech?

Wojciech, Barbara’s husband, is a conscientious and busy man. He has his company and employees on his mind. He would like to gain some more time for his family. With the help of The assist remote assistant, Wojciech fulfills his need, and we make sure the services are delivered at the highest level.

Wojciech opted for the virtual manager package because this range of services is the most useful for him. Thanks to us, he no longer has to remember to send invoices to his accountant, pay bills or prepare contracts for his employees.

Wojciech opted for a virtual manager, so he no longer needs to worry about sending invoices to the accountant, paying bills, or preparing contracts.

Referencje Mezczyzna The Assist Ikona

Actor, Presenter, and Public Figure

How does Adam benefit from our assistance?

Since Adam has a very busy schedule and maintaining privacy is a priority for him, the assistance of The assist team becomes crucial within the framework of meeting organization, travel planning, correspondence handling and social media management. After individual consultation with Julia, Adam chose the premium executive assistant package.

The assist team’s remote assistant not only helps Adam in his professional life, but also in his private life. He reminds him of important matters, handles medication prescriptions, and even represents him in offices. Thanks to us, Adam has more time for himself and is at peace with his privacy. He can focus on his personal passions and goals.

Adam chose to have a virtual VIP concierge. The Assist not only helps with personal matters but also supports him in his professional life. This way, Adam has more time for himself and feels at ease about his privacy.

A few words about The assist

The Assist is a team of virtual assistants who, through their actions and service delivery, provide clients with more free time. We collaborate with individuals, corporate boards, managers, and public figures, providing comprehensive execution of assigned tasks. From handling errands at the post office to creating marketing content and offering professional business assistance, we cover it all.

Investing in a virtual assistant is a way to increase the potential of your free time. Everyone has the same 24 hours a day, but only few are lucky to find a moment for themselves. The Assist offers a solution to reclaim even a few hours each day and optimize your activities.

A remote assistant can assist you with both everyday and business matters. You can entrust our team members with urgent tasks as well as those with longer deadlines. With us, you gain something that cannot be bought anywhere – peace of mind and time.