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Event manager for your company - comprehensive meeting organisation

Your remote event manager will handle the organisation and management of various conferences, B2B business meetings, training sessions, banquets, trade shows, presentations, and team-building events so you can enjoy a successful event and save time on its organisation. Trust our experience and choose The assist.

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Whether you want to organise a company event with a banquet, various types of games, team-building activities, and excellent sound; or a serious conference with a well-thought-out schedule. Your remote event manager will wrap everything up, ensuring it will be an event your guests will remember for a long time. Hiring an event manager from The assist is an investment, which means saving time and money.

Hiring someone to comprehensively organise an event allows you to save resources you would otherwise invest in seeking service providers, negotiating contract terms, or preparing documentation. Moreover, our specialists have experience in budget management, which helps to control the further costs and avoid unnecessary expenses when organising a business or trade meeting.

Complex organisation of business trips

Common features of remote event managers from The assist are knowledge and experience. Our specialists not only have the knowledge about organizing business trips for companies in theory but, most importantly, in practice. Thanks to it, they can minimise the risk of various problems, and in case they appear, to solve them quickly and effectively. What is more, we have the right contacts with specialists from other industries, allowing us to choose the best service providers and receive favourable offers — all to meet your expectation as much as we can.

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Event manager for you

Choose The assist and enjoy a successful company event. Choosing us, you can count on support in organising and coordinating the event, preparing the agenda, purchasing gifts, awards, and promotional materials, or managing the catering area. Enjoy a successful event thanks to your remote event manager.

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