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Start recruitment with VA

We provide comprehensive support in carrying out the recruitment process or its individual stages. All you need to do is tell us who you are looking for, and we will find you an employee who is adequate to your expectations.

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The right employee is a guarantee of the effective functioning of the company, but finding one is quite a challenge, as well as a time-consuming process. Enlist the help of our virtual assistants in recruiting and searching for employees whose competencies are in line with the tasks specified for the position.

Your freelance recruiter will take care of remote recruitment and finding the right candidates. All you have to do is tell us what you need, we’ll take care of the rest, and you can concentrate on your duties. Together we will determine the time required for us to carry out the activities. We constantly stay in touch if you would have additional questions or comments about our operation.

Find the ideal employee for your freelance business

As a freelance recruiter, we depart from rigidly defined procedures and can carry out the entire recruitment process or a particular stage of it for you.
See how the entire recruitment process works. All we need from you are the requirements for the candidate and acceptance of the results of our actions.

Identification of needs

Jointly create a candidate profile

Setting a time to carry out activities

Recruitment process - our activities

Presentation of candidate proposals


If you have started a recruitment effort on your own, but have found the process too time-consuming and cannot give it enough attention, we can also help. We can prepare an ad for you, make it available, carry out the selection of submitted cvs or hold interviews with selected people.

Our virtual assistant has all the competence you need to find an employee. We know how to prepare an ad that attracts the attention of potential candidates and where to make it available to reach them. In addition, we individually tailor the recruitment and selection tools that will be most relevant to your needs. Thanks to our individual approach, we have a track record of many successful recruitments and satisfied clients.

Why recruit with a VA and not a recruiting firm?

Direct contact and individual approach

Large recruiting firms typically handle many clients at once, which can affect the quality and individuality of their services. With Virtual Assistant, we operate on a smaller scale, focusing on a single project and providing a more personalized approach to each client.

The Virtual Assistant also provides direct communication with the client, making it easier to respond quickly to any questions, comments or changes during the recruitment process. The client has more control over the selection of candidates and can participate in subsequent stages of the recruitment process, which builds more trust and increases recruitment success. Large recruitment companies sometimes operate more bureaucratically, which can slow down the communication process.

Flexibility and availability

Operating with a Virtual Assistant also gives you more flexibility to tailor the recruitment process to your specific needs. We can customize our activities, tools and selection methods depending on the requirements of the position and industry.

A Virtual Assistant can be more flexible in terms of availability, especially if the recruitment is urgent and requires quick action. Large recruiters may have fixed work schedules, which does not always allow for immediate response to new assignments.

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