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Assistance in recruitment and HR processes

Legal and HR support includes, among other things, drafting contracts in compliance with GDPR rules, negotiating with business partners, proposing dispute resolutions with employees or contractors, and assistance in setting companies up.

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Our legal support will help you understand the rules and regulations related to your business, and allow you to avoid the unpleasant situations connected with violations and penalties. With us, you will increase the safety and effectiveness of your actions and minimize the risk of losing money.

You can focus on the business development of your own company, while we work on its legal side. Our knowledge and experience will help you run the company safely and with a clear conscience. We also offer support for your HR department.

Legal support in running a company

Trust the legal support from The assist and gain more. Legal security is the basis for business development. With our help, you will avoid conflicts and disputes with other companies or institutions. Use our service and run your business with stabilisation

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